Tuesday, 18 August 2015

No. 93 Church Street

Copyright © London Metropolitan Archives.

Much loved (by us) restaurateur Danny Meyer says that you should never open a restaurant more than five minutes from where you live. After weeks on tenterhooks - we're delighted to reveal that we just got the go ahead for our site, and it's our dream spot. 

Right in the heart of Stoke Newington, just a few minutes from our founder Joel's house. No. 93 Church Street. To celebrate our new doors - which will, all things being well, open this August - here's a few pictures our friend Amir (aka @historyofstokey) dug up, of No. 93 as it's appeared through the ages.

Copyright © 1980 Alan Denney. No. 93 is just visible on the right - as Wimbledon Sewing Machine Club.

Copyright © 1990 Derek Baker.
Research conducted by Derek Baker into the history of the site from 1910 to 1990.

Maynard's print advert 1951, source unknown.
Back when No. 93 was a gift store.
Nothing like fancy goods and bric à brac. And a bit of personal attention.

Copyright © 1990 Derek Baker.
No. 93's incarnation as A.R.Dennis - 'the bookies of distinction'.