Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Magic Breakfast

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For a while now, we've been a partner to the lovely Magic Breakfast. They're a charity and they work to get nutritious breakfasts served up to kids in schools where more than 35% are on free meals. 1 in 4 of these guys are going into school hungry - or having eaten something like sweeties - which as you can imagine is a hard way to start a working day. 

We do workshops, cook alongs for children and parents - just trying to get everyone thinking about what a healthy breakfast might be, and how to make one cheaply and easily. A few weeks ago we did an assembly with the juniors of Mandeville School in E5. We had chat about what their favourite celebs have for breakfast (who knew Barack Obama was a muesli man?) followed by a cook-off style Omelette Challenge, between teachers, which the kids loved.

As well as this we're trying out coffee mornings with parents - our last we cooked up a Shakshuka demo, for fun, and got everyone to share ideas (and educate us!) about recipes that are affordable, but also that children will actually be keen to eat. 

So far we've worked with Mandeville and Princess May School - with plans to visit other schools in Stoke Newington and Hackney very soon.

It's definitely a learning process for us too as we work out what gets kids most involved. The team at social enterprise Year Here are helping us come up with an impact plan - a strategy to help us offer long term support and visits to quite a few schools. We'll keep you updated!

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