Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Modern Salad Grower

This is part 2 of our series: A Trip South West.

Matt from The Cornwall Project is setting up links between London chefs and the very best of Cornwall’s producers. That’s how we met Sean, the Modern Salad Grower

Keveral farm is a community growing project, which operates alongside others in the area. Sean is a salad grower there.

We spent hours wandering around the farms, with Sean constantly passing us back little clippings of his incredible micro-herbs, salads, flowers. There was so much variety in these little leaves and petals; some explosive, some subtle, citrus flowers and peppery salads.

Even between farms he’d spot something growing in the hedgerow that he wanted us to get a flavour of.

The last site Sean took us to was a field full of kale and white & purple sprouting broccoli – on top of a rolling hill, with a beautiful view of the ocean. Sean points out his home on a similar hill in the distance. Not a bad place to work and live! We're really looking forward to using Sean's amazing produce in our menu, and going back to visit him again soon.

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